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vinyl flooring

Vinyl Flooring in Sturtevant, WI

Vinyl Flooring in Sturtevant, WIVinyl flooring in Sturtevant, WI, from our store gives you countless options for your home or business. This high-performance flooring is as practical as it is stylish. It comes in a wide range of styles that realistically mimic other flooring types, such as ceramic tile or natural hardwood.

Our expansive showroom offers hundreds of different styles for your vinyl floor. Choose from options that resemble tile, wood, or stone, as well as artist-inspired patterns and a full palette of colors. As different as the various styles of resilient flooring look, vinyl has many things in common. It is strong, durable, and easy to maintain.

Professional Vinyl Floor Installation for Looks & Longevity

Our local store offers full services for our customers who purchase floors. We offer a wide range of brand-name products, provide knowledgeable sales and design experience, and install your floors for you. We strongly recommend vinyl floor installation from our experienced installers to protect your investment. This is because our installation technicians have years of experience in placing these floor coverings to they look their best and last their longest.

Our technicians follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, which starts with preparation. They make sure the surface is clean, dry, and level. Then, they lay the flooring carefully, making sure it adheres properly. Flooring that can move about is vulnerable to tearing. We are so confident about the quality of workmanship from our technicians that we fix your floor at no cost if you ever have an installation-related issue.

Versatile Vinyl Mimics Tile & Wood

Vinyl is known as a versatile flooring surface. This is because it resists moisture and can be installed in any room of your home. Everywhere from the kitchen, bathroom, and basement to the dining room, children’s playroom, and living room. Another reason for vinyl’s adaptable reputation is this flooring option has the ability to mimic high-end flooring at cost-effective pricing.

Choose vinyl that looks just like ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone. With advanced embossing techniques, vinyl closely resembles these other flooring types, down to the smallest details. However, the price is less and the upkeep is minimal. Vinyl also successfully imitates hardwood plank. The distinctive grain and patterns, as well as the stain and appearance make vinyl flooring appear to be authentic hardwood. The difference is our vinyl floors resist scratches and scuffs, as well as moisture, and only require sweeping and mopping to look stunning for many years to come.

Contact us today to pick out vinyl flooring that adds beauty and value to your home or business. Our store and showroom serves Sturtevant, Mt. Pleasant, Racine, Somers, and Union Grove, Wisconsin, and the surrounding areas.

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